The Month of Miracles

It is a common occurrence for low-income families to have sick or medically endangered children who need specialized care. It is also common for the high quality care they need to be situated out of state. For example, a child with a rare form of cancer living in North Dakota, South Carolina, Nebraska, or Kansas is likely very far from the specialized oncology care they need. Whether it is visits to a specialist, seeking out specialized treatments, or whatever else, often the families or parents cannot pay for frequent transportation out of state. This is where Miracle Flights for Kids comes in handy for those children.

Miracle Flights for Kids is the leading medical flight organization in the United States. This is because during their thirty year history, Miracle Flights for Kids has coordinated more than 96,000 flights traveling more than fifty million miles of medical air travel. This is no small task and it has only been accomplished through the considerable efforts of a massive network of thousands of volunteers and supporters.

In July of 2015, Clark County in Nevada recognized that month as the “Month of Miracles” in honor of Miracle Flights for Kids. The non-profit is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, which is in Clark County. Larry Brown, Clark County Commissioner, spoke passionately about honoring the work Miracle Flights for Kids has done.