Miracle Flights Promises Transparency

With more than 30 years of history and more than 99,000 flights to date, Miracle Flights has gained a significant reputation as an outreach program for those requiring air travel to medical care. It’s been touted as the nation’s leading nonprofit and welfare flight organization as well, receiving accolades for its ability to extend life-saving transportation at the perfect moments. However, it’s also been noted for its lack of transparency as a nonprofit agency.

As CEO Mark E. Brown took the helm of Miracle Flights in November 2015 — a leader with a background in marketing, public relations, advertising, government and lobbying — he promised to change that small piece of reputation for the worthwhile organization. He promised transparency from Miracle Flights moving forward.

Noting a strong desire to continue the organization’s pivotal work in bringing life-altering air travel to individuals who need it most, Brown said transparency regarding the nonprofit’s work was key to increasing awareness, donations and volunteerism within the agency. Transparency, after all, is a vital component is displaying a responsible, morale, positive, productive organization. WIth these ideas in mind, Brown has promised efforts to remain open and honest about Miracle Flights and its practices.