The Miracle Makers at Miracle Flights for Kids

Over the course of their 30-year existence, Miracle Flights for Kids has provided the financial assistance needed to make sure seriously ill children have the medical flights they to get them the life-altering, or even life-saving, medical care they need. Best of all, the families also receive hope that they’re beloved child may love a longer, healthier life. Miracle Flights for Kids will happily fly any patient who qualifies, plus up to two parents or guardians to wherever the medical assistance the child needs is located, whether it is for a necessary follow-up or to obtain a second opinion. In order to be eligible for the program, a family needs little more than a local doctor’s referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification.

Because they offer such life-saving help, the people who received the help from Miracle Flights for Kids refer to the volunteers who help them as Miracle Makers. They call them that because that is how they are seen. After all, the outfit exists for a single purpose; they want to make sure that kids who need specialized medical care and other life-supporting options are not stopped from reaching the destination of a longer life because their family can’t afford a plane ticket.

The Miracle Makers at Miracle Flights for Kids tend to work their miracles in a compassionate way because they know that the only way they can continue to operate is by engendering trust in all concerned, including patients and their families, as well as the communities they serve and with the people who donate to make these flights possible. That is why the organization’s overall goal is to fulfill every flight request within a short time. In 30 years of operation, they have provided families with 55 million miles of flights and 100,000 flights total.