The Miracle Flights for Kids Mission

Many of the folks they have helped refer to Miracle Flights for Kids volunteers as “Miracle Makers” because they are able to work in a compassionate way. They know this is the best way to keep things going. The only way they can continue to operate is by engendering trust in everyone concerned, including patients and their families, the communities they serve and, of course, with those who donate to make these flights possible. They do their work extremely well, primarily because they deny almost no one.

Miracle Flights for Kids will pay for an airline ticket for will any patient who qualifies, which is almost everyone who applies, as well two parents or guardians, to wherever they need to receive treatment, follow-up care or to get a second opinion. Health is extremely important to everyone, but the people who run this charity were motivated by the knowledge that some children were not getting the medical treatment they needed because the treatment available was too far away and their family couldn’t afford to fly them. To be eligible for the program only requires a local doctor’s referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification. Miracle Flight for Kids has won many awards for a reason. It really is a miracle to the families they help. It’s no wonder that they have won so many awards.